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Feel-good time

Are you looking for relaxation, enjoyment or rest? We offer an extensive selection for your well-being.

Classic Massage

The classic massage relieves acute tension, relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

partial body, 20 minutes 20,00 €

full body, 40 minutes 35,00 €

full body XL, 60 minutes 55,00 €

Hot Stone Massage

Blockages are released with warm lava stones that are specifically placed on energy points. Your energy sources are activated.

60 minutes 60,00 €

Hot Stone Massagestein mit Handtuch und Orchidee

Salt Massage

The relaxing effect of a classic massage meets a soothing peeling. This promotes blood circulation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and initiates a purification and detoxification process.

30 minutes 30,00 €

40 minutes 40,00 €

Aroma Massage

Pleasant combination: classic massage and essential oils.

60 minutes 60,00 €

Lomi Lomi Massage

This massage is a physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. The flowing movements promote the flow of energy and build up your resources again.

60 minutes 60,00 €

Foot Reflex Massage

With the popular foot reflex massage, pressure is applied to very specific areas of the foot. The stimulation of blood circulation and lymph drainage serves to relax nerves and muscles throughout the body.

30 minutes 30,00 €

60 minutes 60,00 €

Time for feel-good moments

Our massage team is (almost) always ready for you. Times may vary during school holidays and public holidays.

For reservations please call
040 / 521 98 4 41

Massage times