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Our sauna village

Relax body and mind in our sauna village with well-kept garden. Take your time for your personal wellness program. Different tempered saunas, a diverse selection of infusions and other amenities provide the right setting. Various massages offer the relaxation you deserve. You’ll feel revived!

Vital sauna

Enjoy gentle, classic and intense infusions.

Temperature 70°C

Fireplace sauna

Our largest sauna! Don't miss the infusions "gentle stove whispering" (Ofengeflüster) and "hot vitality experience" (Vitalerlebnis). 

Temperature 90°C

Panorama sauna

Infusions are performed daily, every two hours. The "hot lobster" (Heißer Hummer) is one of the most intense and most popular infusions.

Temperature 90°C

Steam bath

A visit to the steam bath is particularly pleasant because of gentle temperature. The humidity of nearly 100% opens and cleans the pores and stimulates the skin.

Several times a day salt and sugar peelings.

Temperature 40-45°C

Glacier cave

The gentle form of cooling after your sauna session. Enjoy cold air and snow- and ice-covered walls. Brrr...

Temperature -9°C

Aroma sauna

Enjoy the effect of the colored light and various scents on body, mind and soul. Let go of the stress and relax.

Our body perceives colors and sends signals to our brain. In a state of deep relaxation, our body can absorb the effects of different colors and promote vital energy.

Red is stimulating and promotes blood circulation. Blue has a calming and relaxing effect. As a symbol of the sun, yellow relieves tension and creates a happy mood. As the color of nature, green ensures stability, balance and inner peace.

Temperature 60°C