sit back and relax...

Time out for me and my soul!

Relax body and mind in our sauna village with well-kept garden. Take your time for your personal wellness program. Different tempered saunas, a diverse selection of infusions and other amenities provide the right setting.

A varied massage offer allows you the relaxation you deserve. You’ll leave feeling Revived!

Our sauna village is textile-free. You have to use a towel in our sweating rooms - big enough to sit or lie on it. Please note: no sweat on the wood.


In our sauna garden there are...

  • a year round heated whirlpool
  • a little swimming pool
  • comfortable couches
  • parasols
  • beach chairs


We lend...

for a fee and an id card for deposit:

bathrobe 5,00 €
sauna towel 4,00 €
shower towel 3,00 €
slipper 3,00 €

After returning the borrowed item, you will receive back your deposit.