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Frequently asked questions

Not sure what to bring? Have questions about our offers or need help planning your stay? No problem! Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Directions by public transport

Take the tube U1 to Station "Garstedt" inside the Herold-Center. From this Station you can take the bus 178 or 494 to Station "ARRIBA-Bad".

Take the tube A2 to Station "Norderstedt Mitte". From this Station you can take the bus 494 to Station "ARRIBA-Bad".

From the bus Station "ARRIBA-Bad" you have to go 5-7 minutes till the ARRIBA.

For other Directions please use the HVV-Website.

Person with a disability

Which discounts are possible for people with a handicapped ID?
People with a handicapped ID pay the regular admission. If the handicapped ID takes a B for an assistant, the assistant must be 18 years old and gets free entrance for the similar admission.

Is ist possible to visit the ARRIBA with a disability?
Holiday ambience, massage air jets and relaxing heat in the thermal and saltwater pool are particularly beneficial for people with physical troubles. The ARRIBA is mostly on the ground floor, so you can move around with us easily even as a wheelchair user. However, you should be physically mobile enough to be able to go down a few steps into the water on your own or with a little help from our staff. We're happy to help. We don't have water lifts.

For more Informations please click here.


Are children allowed to use all slides?

Certain age restrictions apply to our slides.
Here is a short summary:

The panorama slide (silver slide) in the adventure pool and the two family slides have no age limit. However, non-swimmers are only allowed to use these slides when accompanied by a swimmer.

The tire slide is approved for ages 6 and up.

All children from the age of 10 can use the wild water stream and the turbo slide.

Even when accompanied by parents, everyone must comply with the age limit and use the slides accordingly.

Lost Property

We want you to get lost or forgotten items back as quickly as possible. If you miss something, please inform us by email to info(at)arriba-erlebnisbad.de or by calling 040 521 98 4-0.

Please remember to provide a good description ...
What have you lost or forgotten?
Which color is it?
How big is it or what size is it?

If we are successful within 5 days of your report, we will contact you. If the search remains unsuccessful, we will not give you any feedback. 

Swimming badges

We take swimming badges, seahorses and swimming badges bronze, silver and gold. Furthermore, we also confirm the completion of individual sporting achievements, which are necessary for example for the German sports badge.

Foot desinfiction

We don't have a foot desinfiction Station in the ARRIBA, because systems of this type do not guarantee the expected foot hygiene.
Recognized studies have shown that exposure and drying times of at least 25 minutes must be given in order to achieve such a disinfection. We have decided to clean the floors several times a day with disinfectants.

Our tip: For optimal foot hygiene, we recommend wearing bathing shoes. Furthermore, the feet should be dried well before getting dressed and creamed well with greasy cream.


In the parking area G/H are four charging stations. You can only use this with an electric vehicle.

Recharge your car by using  load card (RFID), "e-charging"-App or SMS.

Payment Options

Cash payments are only possible in Euro. We cannot accept foreign currencies. Cashless payments are possible with Electronic Cash and Maestro cards as well as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

Drinks and Food

You can find a big offer of food and drinks in the bistro.

It is not allowed to bring food and drinks to the ARRIBA. We avoid waste, crumbs and broken glass on the floor. Glass vessels of all kinds may be retained by our staff.
For your Babys you can bring Baby food! You can find these Informations in our house- and bathing regulations.

Our staff is required to draw your attention to compliance with our rules.

Food and drinks you have brought with you can only be consumed on the sunbathing lawn during the summer season.


Due to legal regulations, smoking in the ARRIBA is only permitted in designated outdoor areas. In the Water Paradise you will find our smoker's corner next to the open air adventure pool. The smokers' corner of the sauna village can be found on the right in the sauna garden.