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Our Water Paradise

The ARRIBA - more than just some pools. ARRIBA is a journey of pleasure, sports and fun for everyone. A waterpark full of thrilling water fun and exciting slides. Everyone will find their favorite place!


Make way for your fitness! Swimming, probably the healthiest sport, gives us strength and stamina, relieves our spine and gives us the good feeling of being active.

Length of pool 25,0 m

Water Depth 1.80 m

Temperature 27.0°C

Thermal bath with Whirlpool

Enjoy cozy warmth and leave everyday life behind. You can feel your whole body relax. The pool provides a soothing massage experience with several air jets and giant flood showers. Take a break in the spacious whirlpool - a perfect end to your day of wellbeing.

Temperature 31.0°C

Water Depth 1.30 m

Our Diving Tower

(Not) Only for the brave ones! Our "Acapulco" jump facility invites all and offers a lot of fun jumping into the depths.

Water Depth 3.80 m

Temperature 26.0°C

Non-swimmers Pool

Start your first attempt here. Particularly suitable for beginners and non-swimmers because of the limited wather depth.

Temperature 30.0°C

Water Depth 0.90-1.30 m

Open Air Saltwater Pool

The next benefit for your body and soul: the outdoor Saltwater Pool.

All year round you can enjoy your wonderful lightness in the warm water with its bubbling beds and massage air jets. Whether in brilliant summer sunshine or in the steamy mists of winter - the bubbling is pleasurable and healthy.

Temperature 29.0°C

Water Depth 1.10 m

Adventure Pool

Here you will experience a lot. First and foremost joy and fun, action and surprise! In our pleasantly tempered adventure pool await you a foaming water mushroom, a challenging hanging net, a wild waterfall with a steep slide and climbing ladders.

Throw away your thoughts and float down the crazy lazy river.

Temperature 33.0°C

Water Depth 1.30 m

Open Air Adventure Pool

Enjoy the massage jets, bubble beds and giant flood showers in this outdoor pool, heated all year round.

Temperature 31.0°C

Water Depth 1.30 m

Wave Pool

Feel the surge of the ocean in this friendly wave pool.

Catch a wave and splash and play as the swells sweep in from the deep end to the zero-depth-entry shallows. Wave pools are a fun family vacation favorite for kids of all ages.

Temperature 30.0°C

Water Depth 0,90-1,50 m

Large Sportspool

Do something for your health and swim your laps in this sizeable pool - that will keep you fit and in shape!

May to September

Length 50.0 m

Water Depth 1.80 m

Temperature 24.0°C