Get ready!

Our Sports Pool

Let's take a lane with the certainty of doing the best for body and soul. Swimming - probably the healthiest sport - gives us strength, endurance and relief for our spine. And most of all a good feeling of being active.

The sports pool optimally complements our water park.

  • 25 meters long
  • 1.80 meters deep
  • dividable into 6 competition lanes
  • about 27.5°C water temperature

Just dive!

Our Diving Tower

(Not) Only for the brave ones! Our "Acapulco" jump facility invites all and offers a lot of fun jumping into the depths.

Every half hour, the two 1 meter boards and the 3 meter board are opened alternately.

  • two springboards 1.0 meters (3' 3'')
  • one springboard 3.0 meters (9' 10'')
  • 3.80 meters deep
  • about 26.0°C water temperature